Handmade Luxury Swimwear Collection


XhaleSwim’s women’s handmade swimwear swimsuits bikini collection is meant to worn as an extension of the woman wearing them and an expression of their personal style.  XhaleSwim was created to celebrate curves and confidence with luxurious swimwear collection.

XhaleSwim prides itself on manufacturing a swimwear collection with an emphasis on detail, functionality and quality, while remaining true to the latest fashion trends. Plus, our eye-catching swimsuits are high waisted, seamless and completely reversible.

XhaleSwim was launched by Jessica Wong @jessleewong her women’s luxury handmade swimwear collection is meant to be worn as an extension. of the woman wearing them and an expression of their own personal style. There has never been a time more important time, to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of women and Jessica is doing just that.

Jessica’s mission is to help women feel confident in their swimwear and be the best version of themselves. Going against the grain, Jessica designed swimwear that looks and feels amazing on women. Additionally, Jessica considers which swimwear is flattering and feels comfortable on her, before it heads into production.

XhaleSwim’s signature designs are chic, sophisticated and vibrant.  XhaleSwim is for woman who exudes confidence and believes beauty has no limits. XhaleSwim caters to different shapes, ages and sizes of women. XhaleSwim has a community of 48,000 body positive followers on @xhaleswim and featured in the Miami New Times as Best Swimwear for 2020  and mentioned in Cosmopolitan and let’s not forget Essence 

Xhaleswim is all about inclusion. We want women to stop shying away from swimwear and instead to get excited about it! We encourage women to stop waiting for a perfect time, weight or size to embrace their bodies. We want women to know they are all fabulous exactly how they are in this very moment. These ideologies fuel the community that we have been building. We designed a swimwear collection that will both flatter and support women.

Join XhaleSwim and explore our exquisite luxury handmade swimwear collection. Celebrate your curves, embrace your confidence, and unleash your beauty without limits. Empower yourself with XhaleSwim, where luxury and inclusivity meet to create a swimwear experience like no other!