Our Sizing Guide

We recommend measuring yourself  before purchasing from XhaleSwim

Use a measuring tape and stand in front of a mirror. Measuring tape should not be tight and must feel comfortable while around you. Make sure the measuring tape is untwisted and level as you wrap it around your body. Don’t tug the measuring tape so tight that it pinches, but don’t leave it loose and slack either. The best way to take swimsuit measurements is wearing your underwear. Don’t hold your breath or try to suck anything in just stand naturally.

Bust Measurement: Place a tape measure under your arms, across shoulder blades at your back around the fullest part of your breast.  This your breast measurement.

Waist Measurement: Place tape around your waist, tape is not to be tight and must feel comfortable while around you. To find your natural waistline, bend to the side and notice the crease that forms as a result, usually just below the ribcage – that is your waistline.

Hip Measurement: Stand with your feet together, place tape around the fullest part of your hips and bottom. It is important to keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor.

0 XS 31 – 32” A or Small 25-26″
2 XS – S 32 – 33” A 26-27”
4 S 33 – 34” A to B 27-28”
6 M 34 – 35” Full B to Small C 28-29”
8 M 35 – 36” C 29-30”
10 L 37 – 38” Full C to Small D 30-31”


L – XL

39 – 40”

D and DD


Finding Your Size:  If you find that your measurements fall between sizes, always round up to the higher size. If your bust and hip measurements put you in drastically different sizes, consider buying a two piece swimsuit.

Choosing a Swimsuit That Flatters Your Figure:   A woman with a short torso may find that a two-piece swimsuits fits them better  and women with long torsos may find a one-piece swimsuit is more flattering. However, the decision is completely yours!

One-piece versus a two-piece swimsuit:  Is a personal decision. choice, our swimsuits are designed to cover you throughout your day or night. Whether you expect to be active and concerned about your swimsuit staying in place or f you want to show off your body XhaleSwim is the way to go.

Larger Breast Cup Sizes:  MUST contact XhaleSwim before placing an order. Please read the sizing information carefully before ordering and contact us at xhaleswim@gmail.com for additional assistance.

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