About XhaleSwim

The XhaleSwim collection is designed to complement, flatter and support a woman’s body. XhaleSwim’s  swimsuits vary from conservative to risqué but always classy.  XhaleSwim caters to all women with its luxurious one-piece and two-piece swimsuits. Jessica Wong is the owner and creative force behind XhaleSwim and prides herself on manufacturing luxurious swimwear.

Every swimsuit within the XhaleSwim collection is handmade by an experienced seamstress who resides in Miami, Florida. Xhaleswim’s pieces are one of a kind. Designed to be completely reversible, a one-shoulder piece could easily be flipped to be worn on the left or right. Other intricacies include adjustable strings to hug and never constrict the body, as well as its reversible swimsuit that can be worn 4 different ways!

Xhaleswim is a swimsuit collection with a simple ideology, “We want women to exhale and breathe in their swimwear! Xhaleswim wants the moment a woman reveals their bodies in a swimsuit to be a celebration! XhaleSwim wants women to love and accept themselves as the confident ladies they were born to be.”

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