Why XhaleSwim? Until you take the experience a swimsuit which was specifically designed for a woman’s body. You will never know how amazing and confident you will feel slaying XhaleSwim!

Does XhaleSwim sell separates? No…the price on our website are for a two piece swimsuit (a top and bottom). Hence, our tremendous value and affordability!

What is a high waist swimsuit bottom?  Our collection features  high-waist bottoms which creates a flattering silhouette, accentuates  a woman’s hips and slims her waist!

What are the options for ordering bottoms? XhaleSwim offers  thong or full coverage options.

What does handmade mean? The XhaleSwim collection is  handmade by our experienced seamstress in Miami, Florida. Yes, every stitch is handmade with superior craftsmanship, great care and precision.

What fabric is used? XhaleSwim ships its matte tricot knit fabric from California to Miami, Florida.

What is double lined? XhaleSwim meticulously double lined it swimsuits and each swimsuit is completely reversible.